One man’s legacy is seen today through the work of Adopt A Needy Family as the spirit of giving continues. Over 30 years ago, during the Christmas season a group of students at Mount Sacred Heart School were asked by Father James Hubert to bring a wrapped gift for a child who may otherwise not receive a Christmas present.

A community of San Antonio schools, businesses, families and individuals has taken over this effort and now attends to the needs of less fortunate “The love of Jesus becomes a reality for those who give and those who receive, ” said Father James, today the service of this non profit continues to make this possible through this vision. All those who came in contact with him, saw a man that cared for those in need.

The San Antonio community lost a friend, religious mentor and leader on December 5, 1999 when Father James Hubert passed away. One of his greatest wishes was to continue and expand the Adopt A Needy Family program into a year round undertaking. Honoring his memory the non profit 501c3 was officially formed in December of 2000.

A generous donation of real estate property and Father James’ previous savings from a MSH School program provided the financial support and seed money to develop Adopt A Needy Family into a living legacy. Today Adopt A Needy Family tries to emulate Father James’ diligence and see that those in need receive help, in order to bring hope to the eyes of a child, or to give a mom or dad the encouragement they need in supporting their family.

Not only was Father James a mentor to his community but a light and inspiration to those too who shared in the Spirit of Christ. He received a letter from Mother Teresa encouraging and thanking him to continue the Lord’s work.

Dear Rev. Father James Hubert,

Thank you for your beautiful letter. For 25 years of love and service to Jesus in the service of His Poor. For 25 years you have been giving the Bread of Life to thousands of People. How great is His love for you, to have chosen you for Himself and fed you with Himself, so that you can live and bring much fruit.

You have been a living branch on the vine of Jesus. We had our Silver Jubilee last year, it was so beautiful. We involved the Christians and non-Christians during their worship, to thank God for all He has done in and through the Missionaries of Charity; To thank the Poor for accepting our love and service; To thank all those who shared the love and service with us.

It was Really something beautiful for God.

Keep the joy of Jesus as your strength and let it become the Best you give to your people – For God loves a cheerful giver.

Kindly pray for me as I do you.

Let Jesus use you without consulting you.
Yours in Jesus,
Mother Teresa MC