Mission Statement

To Provide Assistance To Poor and Needy Families

What We Do

The purpose of Adopt A Needy Family is to meet the overall needs of children and their families. Families that are in need of assistance are identified by social workers and interviewed to meet specific income qualifications and are not receiving assistance by other programs.

The families served by Adopt A Needy Family are in dire need of the most basic necessities, such as bedding, detergent, hygiene products and clothing. Although most families ask only for basic living needs, we recommend purchasing some toys for the children since the program takes place during Christmas and parents would not be able to afford them. This program, however, assists the entire family as a whole. Adopt A Needy Family also supports needy families by assisting families with utilities, participating in “Stuff the Bus” and supporting Communities in Schools.

4M Realty Company

“As Christians, it is not enough to count one’s blessing, but we must also give others blessings to count.”

—Father James Hubert.

4M Realty Company proudly supports our local San Antonio community through Adopt A Needy Family. Company President, Michael Weiss’ involvement with Adopt A Needy Family has grown throughout the years because of his close personal relationship with founder Father James Hubert who served as his religious mentor from a young age. Today he serves as the Chairman of the nonprofit and, with the support of his colleagues, contributes to the year-round mission of Adopt A Needy Family. Today he serves as the Chairman of Adopt A Needy Family and, with the support of his colleagues, contributes to its year-round mission.

“At 4M Realty we are fortunate to have access to resources that help meet the various and unique needs of families across the Alamo City. As you formulate your additional giving this year, please consider our mission in helping as many families as possible throughout the coming years, providing them blessings to count.”

—Michael Weiss.